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GF-8900-D3 High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

GF-8900-D3 High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

GF-8900-6-D8,  For heavy material.
GF-8900-D8 Auto-trimmer, auto-reverse, auto-wiping, auto-needle position, with operation panel.
GF-8900-D3 Auto-trimmer, auto-reverse, auto-needle position, with operation panel.
GF-8900-D Auto-trimmer, auto-needle position.

Applicable to common thin materials,medium heavy materials snch as knit wear, shirt shit, leisure wear, jeans.

1)Extra width space convenient for the store of sewing materials,easy for operation.
2)Adopt inside direct drive servo-motor system to improve the precision when cutting.Power saving up to 60% to reduce the cost.
3)Auto oiling system to ensure the lubrication when perating.
4)Auto safety switch devices to power off after the reverse running of the machine to ensure the safety when fixing and cleaning.
5)High-precision gear and main parts imported to comprehensively reduce the noise and improve the quality and extend the life span.
6)Option:Round knife cutting device to improve the effect.